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Yorkshire – the new haven for senior finance talent?


There is currently speculation in the regional press about potential candidates for the role of South Yorkshire Mayor as a result of the Sheffield City Region devolution deal. This person will have significant clout and new powers will be created in areas such as transport, with greater regional control of money from Whitehall.

What this job doesn’t need is a ‘steady pair of hands’ – instead the candidate should be someone with charisma and the ability to make sound decisions under pressure and play a part in building a Northern Powerhouse.

Things are headed in the same direction for senior finance talent in the region. In recent years it’s been about recruiting a ‘solid manager’ to lead a business through stormy times. Now with growth on the agenda that’s just passé.

The emphasis is now on succession planning, with companies focusing on tapping into talent who are the anticipated leaders of the future. Finance Directors in Yorkshire can earn between £80 and £110k per annum and Chief Financial Officers can earn between £100 and £160k. Optimism is high in the region with South Yorkshire’s business leaders anticipating growth into 2016. Living and working here is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to London. 

Within the next few years voters in South Yorkshire will have a keen eye on candidates for this new mayoral role. Accountancy and finance firms in the region will similarly be keeping their eyes peeled for up-and-coming talent to take up new positions as tomorrow’s vibrant leaders.

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