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Buy-to-let – an accountant’s game


Rihanna’s recent music video featuring her swindling accountant’s wife in gory scenes of torture with the star, associates the profession with the dingy criminal world. But in real life, most accountants are canny, not criminals, and that makes them astute investors outside the office.

The British property market has the potential to generate massive returns for lucky investors, with figures showing the increase in the value of Britain’s housing stock has created a nation of millionaires. Buy-to-let is no easy gig when it comes to boosting an investment portfolio, with rapidly rising house prices slashing rental yields and the new rules curbing tax relief to grapple with. However, savvy investors with a keen eye for a well earning asset can build themselves a very nice stream of income, as ‘buy-to-let king’ Fergus Wilson would testify. 

While bullish bankers on the one hand may be willing to take risks to build a fortune, and estate agents have a sound understanding of the property market, in our view accountants are best placed in the professional world to play the buy-to-let game. With their heads for numbers, in depth understanding of regulation and ability to forecast earnings, accountants definitely have what it takes to do well in the sector.

Accountants are well versed in giving clients, or their company, sound and sage advice and by practicing what they preach can make a pretty penny – and they don’t have to con any popstars out of their millions.

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