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Finance professionals and the use of social media


Last week saw the fourth anniversary of Ed Balls Day, which illustrates not only how easy it is for social media to go catastrophically wrong, but also the extent to which gaffes can remain in the public consciousness. While most social media users run little risk of having their digital-ineptitude turned into a quasi-national holiday, people still need to be careful online, with research finding that one in three Americans has been the victim of a hacking on social channels

A well-organised and protected approach to social media can be enormously beneficial to both businesses and individual careers and this is especially true in accountancy and finance.  For firms, social channels provide the opportunity to demonstrate expertise to both existing and would-be clients through insightful content and positive branding. Prospective clients tend to assume professional competence – what they want to see is the value that can be added. Marks Sattin’s 2016 market report revealed that a massive 75% of finance professionals use LinkedIn regularly – making it prime digital real estate where firms can demonstrate their strengths to a financial audience. 

Individual accountants’ careers can also benefit from using social media effectively. It is increasingly common for employers to check prospective employees’ pages – which creates an obvious incentive to present a professional image. Those with the profiles best populated with relevant experience also standout to recruiters. 

While there are risks that come with using social media, the fact is that it is becoming increasingly important – and those in the sector who embrace it will reap the rewards. 
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