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Employment Law Roundtable | SOSR


We hosted an Employment Law roundtable on the use of ‘some other substantial reason for dismissal’ (SOSR) at our offices in London.

SOSR is a much-underused, potentially fair reason for dismissal, and reflects the commercial and practical realities organisations face, bringing to light the scenarios whereby organisations cannot continue to employ someone. The participants were senior human resource practitioners from a range of businesses and sectors. The event was co-hosted by Seddons Solicitors and chaired by Helen Crossland, a Partner and Head of Employment Law at Seddons, who shared her professional expertise.

The aim of the session was to share insights and knowledge on SOSR and how it can be used.

Specifically the conversation covered:

The practical uses of SOSR -  Business reorganisation -  Conflict of interest -  Conduct causing substantial disruption -  Breakdown in trust and confidence -  Pressure from third parties -  Inability to perform a contracted role -  Reputational risk How to implement SOSR (process) Other useful considerations

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