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The Celtic Phoenix


There is optimism in Ireland at the moment – and not just about the current Six Nations champions’ prospects for success at the Rugby World Cup. After years in the economic wilderness, the country has revealed that it is bouncing back and is on track for an impressive six percent growth this year.

It’s safe to say that the Ireland suffered particularly badly during the global economy’s recent dark days. The country’s booming ‘tiger’ economy, fuelled by a property bubble of biblical proportions, collapsed abruptly in 2008 leading to a €65 billion bailout from the European Union and severe austerity. The pain of this financial trouble was felt across Irish society, and household names such as Westlife’s Shane Filan were among the worst affected. 

While difficult in the short-term, the government’s measures are looking like they may have paid off.  The country’s broad-based recovery has been driven by the fastest growth rate among the EU’s member states this year, which has been stimulated by a weak Euro making exports competitive with the UK.

Marks Sattin has certainly seen an increase in the number of job opportunities for accounting and finance professionals as a result of this growth. Marks Sattin's 2015 market insight reviled that a fast-growing tech industry and a robust pharmaceuticals sector are driving demand for commercial finance professionals, and 64% of accountants are expecting an imminent salary increase.

There are definitely reasons for cheer on the Emerald Isle this autumn and beyond. With the stage set for economic and sporting success, the Irish tiger could be roaring again soon.

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