Interim, Contract & Temporary Worker FAQs for Employers

We specialise in finding the best temporary, contract and interim employees in finance & accountancy, technology, governance and change. Our consultants will book interviews with candidates that will match most of your requirements for the project you are initiating, whether it's a short-term project or a seasonal position, they can find the right candidates for the job.

1. What’s the difference between Interim, Contract And Temporary?

The main difference between Interim, Contract and Temporary positions will be their operational level. When we talk about Interim roles, these will be related to executive to managerial positions; contracts or FTCs will be professionals with specific skillsets; and temporary will cover from junior assistant positions to managers level.

2. Why do businesses use interims or contractors?

Contractors offer businesses a rapid and dynamic solution to everyday resourcing issues and many companies now prefer the try before you buy method where they employ candidates on a contract basis before making a permanent commitment.  Typical reasons for using contractors are:

  • Maternity & Sickness cover
  • To quickly fill an open vacancy in the department where there is a lack of resource
  • Short term projects
  • To add flexible resource at busy times in the season such as year end
  • Opportunity to growing your department during times of uncertainty without the long term financial commitments
  • We also offer payroll solutions to companies that would prefer not to have the candidate employed directly. 

3. Are temps entitled to pension, bonuses, holidays, etc?

Well yes and no. Contractors are entitled to benefits but to what degree depends on their employment status i.e. whether they are paid a fixed term salary, a PAYE day rate or through their personal Limited Company.

4. Do Contractors cost more than permanent staff?

Do contractors cost more than permanent staff?  Contrary to popular opinion, contractors pay is usually on par with permanent staff once benefits and employers national insurance is taken into accountant and sometimes it may work out more cost efficient for the client. 

5. How long does it take to find and on-board a Contractor?

In many cases turnaround times for identifying, interviewing and on boarding contractors can be achieved in less than 1 week and we would always aim to have a shortlist provided within 48 hours of taking your job specification.

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