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About the Voith Group

Founded in 1867, the company today has around 20,000 employees, sales of €4.3 billion, and locations in over 60 countries worldwide, and is thus one of the larger family-owned companies in Europe.

As a business, Voith works on global challenges. They strive to make the energy that powers homes greener. They make working out at sea safer. Their ideas turn buses, trains and transport that move people and goods cleaner and more reliable. And, they strive to make the world of paper around us – from banknotes in India, tissues in China, to the cups for your morning coffee to go – more sustainable. 

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Your new opportunity as Voith Paper's new Financial Controller in Middleton, Manchester

Marks Sattin is thrilled to partner with Voith to find their next Financial Controller, based in North Manchester. The Financial Controller role will lead all finance-related processes for Voith Paper Limited, the papermaking arm of their business.

Voith's ideal candidate would be a Senior Accountant, Finance Manager or equivalent, who wants to take the next step in their career. To be successfully considered for the role, you must be fully qualified (ACCA/ACA/CIMA) with between 5-10 years experience (at least 3 years PQE) in preferably a related sector (e.g. engineering, manufacturing or construction)

In return for your hard work and dedication, you will receive a highly competitive salary with a great benefits package. 


Your Responsibilities as Financial Controller

      • Management of all finance team members, organising roles and responsibilities, work plans, timetables and deadlines for finance objectives
      • Responsibility for all aspects of staff management of the team, including training and development, performance evaluation and goal setting
      • Support and develop finance team to ensure excellence at Voith
      • Reporting of Flash report on the 3rd working day of each month
      • Comment all key figures and relevant changes in alignment with the Operations manager in OneDisplay
      • Planning and Forecasting of all required reports according to the Corporate Planning Handbook and in alignment with the Operations Manager and the CFO VP FRS EMEA. The Controller needs to explain the developments and changes of the key figures, and needs to understand the business reasons behind the development. In addition, the Financial Controller has to analyse the performance against the agreed targets
      • Set monthly targets for financial performance
      • Ensure monthly financial reporting done to Group in an accurate and timely matter
      • Monthly meeting with Operations Manager to discuss the results (monthly cockpit, cost centre over-/under absorption, claims, productivity, forecasts, customer order results,…)
      • Monthly review of all recharged costs (IT, Sales). The cost developments will be discussed with the respective department managers. The Financial Controller will make proposals for reducing costs or improving performance, and in alignment with the department managers execute the agreed measures and track the development
      • At least yearly analysis and update of the hourly rates in relation to the over/under absorption of the cost centres. When there is an over-/under absorption, it is the responsibility of the Financial Controller to analyse the deviations, prepare proposals to improve the situation, and, together with the Operations Manager, execute the agreed measures
      • Financial Controller prepares and follows up with improvement proposals with regard to product costing. Proposals will be discussed with the Operations Manager, and some will be executed by the Financial Controller. One example is the KPI-tracking with process optimization. The Financial Controller reviews the customer order profitability. In case of negative deviations, it’s the task of the Financial Controller to inform the Operations Manager to discuss actions to improve the situation. The follow-up is in the responsibility of the Financial Controller
      • Management of the production of the Group accounts and annual statutory accounts to completion and finalisation of its audit and reports. First contact person for all questions and requests of the auditors. The Financial Controller must explain all B/S-accounts and P&L accounts, and also the deviations to the previous year. Changes to the accounting practice have to be understood and explained to the auditors before the audit. A clear timeline with milestones has to be agreed with the auditors, and regular meetings in person or online have to be conducted to follow-up with the status of the audit
      • Reconcile and sign off balance sheet for the Group accounts and statutory accounts
      • Project manage Finance process changes
      • Handling VAT, PAYE and tax duties, including corporation tax
      • Monthly OPEX-KPI reporting: The Financial Controller has to collect the necessary key figures in JDE and input the data in the OPEX KPI input system. The Financial Controller is responsible for calculating the potential savings for each project and the regular tracking of the financial success of each project
      • Contact person for all finance-related questions (Controlling & Accounting, Audit, Finance, HR, Tax, Insurance)
      • Support for group-wide projects, e.g. the introduction of a new ERP-system. The Financial Controller is responsible to provide the necessary input in his/her area of responsibility
      • Creation of dynamic investment appraisals for potential investments, for example a new grinding machine. It’s the Controller’s responsibility to collect all necessary information for the calculation (additional sales, cost savings in personnel costs, material cost, other costs). In addition, the Financial Controller is responsible for the invest budget and the review of finished investment projects
      • Manage cash flow effectively for VPMA
      • Implementing compliance rules to ensure risk is identified and managed
      • Controlling risk by examining information about potential compliance infringements
      • First contact person for all Rimis-related questions as central Compliance reporting tool. The Financial Controller is responsible for filling out all compliance risk / Corporate Risk questionnaires in Rimis. The Financial Controller is responsible to allocate the questions and tasks in Rimis to the respective employees in the organization and follow up with them for a timely reporting
      • Reporting Compliance matter to group as required
      • Reporting Compliance status at board meetings
      • Responsible for updating and maintaining the local directives, e.g. signature mandate, travel policy, etc…
      • Regular information of Compliance newsletters to staff
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Diversity and inclusion are core leadership competencies

People are our greatest strength, and we strive to attract talent from the broadest pool to foster creativity, innovation and productivity. 

We feel a diverse and inclusive ecosystem with people from different backgrounds, experiences and locations - who reflect the customers and communities we serve - is critical to our ability to tackle global challenges. Training initiatives and leadership programs at Voith reflect our aim to actively promote diversity and inclusion.

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Laura Halloran

I am a highly experienced accounting and finance consultant with over 15 years specialist experience across part qualified and qualified accountancy roles (ACA/ACCA/CIMA), as well as transactional finance.

I have extensive industry knowledge within all finance disciplines across the M62 corridor (Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds).

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