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From flexibility to instant impact – Why should you consider hiring an interim?


As a business evolves, or external influences around it change, businesses need to adapt to make sure they have the best resources and skills to succeed. Despite many businesses having good talent in their existing teams, there may be an area within their organisation which requires specialist skills or a time when their key talent is not available to work; this is where interim, temp and contractors come in! As such hiring an interim can have many advantages, such as giving you peace of mind and maximising profitability. 

Instant impact

Interims can help you in times of need, for example perhaps you have an unsettled team, a sudden hike in demand or an employee on maternity/paternity leave? All of these issues are common to most organisations and can hinder the businesses’ ability to deliver results in what is a highly competitive market. Hiring an interim employee can not only provide you with peace of mind, they are also cost effective and make the hiring process is simple.

Technical specialists

Contractors are experts in their field; this makes them perfectly suited for short to long term assignments, such as being hired to fulfil a slot within a management team or to cover a period of extended absence due to stress or family bereavement. Interim hires allow you to continue business as usual or add a specialist skill for a finite amount of time or for a specific project.

No politics

One of the many benefits of hiring an interim is their ability to adjust to new environments with ease and, being temporary they don’t need to concern themselves with any company politics or issues. An interim is as adaptable as a chameleon, as their main goal is meeting the requirements of their contract. They want to deliver results quickly and efficiently, this is how they add value and will become recognised as a go to person in the market. When hiring an interim the goal is to give you flexibility, making this solution the most cost effective way of dealing with a business shortage, assisting in meeting deliverables on time and on budget.

Temp to perm?

Interims can also be potential permanent hires and its common practice to witness temporary hires taking permanent contracts. This can happen when the interim contract has come to a natural end or even part way through and can be due to a number of reasons, such as the desire to keep a good hire where you feel you just can’t afford to lose them. However, be forewarned your offer could be turned down as interim contracts offer attractive benefits such as the potential tax efficiencies of working via their own limited company.

On the other hand, you may have a career interim that is now open to permanent work. These are the people who will likely work even harder to impress the business hoping to turn their contract into a permanent one. Here you have the advantage of knowing how they operate, the lengths they will go to succeed – what better way to trial than seeing them in action!

My take on hiring an interim

Hiring an interim isn’t as hard as you may think. From your initial call with us, our expert industry knowledge will be able to identify your needs and provide you with a candidate or team of individuals who can come in and hit the ground running. Remember, an interim, temp, or contractor can genuinely minimise the loss of productivity, provide expertise and key skills which allow for greater business flexibility and results.

If you would like to discuss this article further or simply enquire for more information, please feel free to contact us. Otherwise you can visit our job pages to see all our current vacancies in your area.

Written by:

Nirmal Mistry
Temp, Interim & Contract - Midlands  
0121 231 7150


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