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Internal Audit Roundtable | Leeds July 2018

In July 2018, we hosted an Internal Audit Roundtable at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leeds with senior internal audit, assurance and compliance professionals from a wide range of organisations including Skybet, Portakabin, PwC, Yorkshire Housing and Royal Mail.

The attendees discussed the trends that are affecting their profession and shared views, experiences and insights. Topics such as robotics, big data/data analytics, auditing culture and Brexit were areas of interest, with guests noting key questions like:

- How do you evidence what’s been done when dealing with GDPR?
- If you were doing random testing, asking if a specific transaction was handled by a human or a bot. Was the output the same?
- How do you do assurance over robotics and automated processes?
- Do they really know how to use Excell or just think they do?

Download our white paper that expands on this conversation.

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