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IPO Outlook


Initial public offerings (IPOs) are mammoth corporate events, bringing together bankers, lawyers, communications firms, and of course accountants, to get the best deal possible for their clients. IPOs take place in financial centres all over the world, and London is one of the preeminent destinations for those looking to connect with investors. Each year hundreds of companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange and Alternative Investment Market, and last year’s biggest IPO event was the £4.8bn Worldpay listing. 

The London market has seen a slow start to 2016, however. Many companies are choosing to hold out due to poor market conditions and considerable uncertainty. The global economic picture is somewhat murky, with Chinese growth slowing, a poor Eurozone outlook, and the fallout from a potential Brexit leading to a cautious approach. Research also shows that the proceeds from IPOs are down on 2015 – meaning there’s less to go around for the finance professionals advising on them. 

However, there are signs the situation may improve in the months ahead once the uncertainty generated by the EU referendum has lifted, and it has been reported that there is appetite among firms that may have delayed to float later on in the year once the outlook becomes more certain. 

When the market picks up, hiring volumes will also increase, with financial services talent likely to be in high demand. 
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