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Should I start my job search prior to Christmas?


Should I start my job search prior to Christmas?

If I had a pound for every time a candidate has asked me this question or told me that they are not looking for a new role until the New Year then I would be sat on a beach somewhere sipping Margaritas.

The answer to this question is yes and here’s why… 

I have been a finance recruiter for over six years and have experienced both very busy and very quiet times from a candidate perspective. Having always focused my attention at the part qualified and transactional level I have noticed trends as to when candidates start their search for a new role. 

Before the changes to ACCA or CIMA exam dates, we always used to see an influx of candidates twice a year following exam sittings and results which would make for a very competitive market place from a candidate perspective. 

This also happens in the New Year. January, a time for New Year resolutions, to lose a few pounds, get fit, quit that smoking habit or cut back on the alcohol following the festive period and of course, ‘New Year, New Role’! 

Why put yourself on the market when most of your competition will be doing the same thing? Why be a candidate fighting to stand out in a saturated ‘New Year, New Role’ environment? 

Get ahead of the competition, start your search now, give yourself a head start and move into the New Year knowing that you will be starting the dream role and allow yourself the time to focus on the other ‘New Year resolutions.’
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