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Six Tips for Career Development


Our job is about more than just finding you your next role, we believe it’s just as important to provide you with the best possible career advice so that every role is a rung on the ladder to the job of your dreams. And when we talk about career advice, we don’t just mean ‘make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors on your CV’ either. So we asked our managers to come up with their top tips for developing your career.

Go deep 

When you’re researching a company in preparation for an interview, your understanding needs to go beyond the front page of their website. Make sure you go in with a genuine knowledge of their business, sector and challenges, and an understanding of how your skills and experiences correlate with the company’s wider business objectives.

Be a specialist 
Look at market tends and develop those skills that are particularly in demand at the moment.

Know yourself
You need to understand your skills and what you can bring to a company before you can expect anyone to give you a try. Truly identify your value proposition or USPs and then target companies who you believe require that proposition. 

Put yourself out there 
Network within the industry so you know how your skill-set compares in the market and share ideas and initiatives with other professionals in your sector. Develop solid relationships with recruitment partners of your choice so they can work with you throughout your career. If possible, find yourself a mentor who can help your development.

Be open
Don’t be afraid to look at a range of different businesses. Sometimes the best opportunities are with an SME rather than a blue-chip and vice versa. Wherever you go, every role will bring something to your career.

Don’t hop around
It can be tempting to change jobs frequently for short-term salary increases, but this can be detrimental in the long run as you could price yourself out of the market. Employers appreciate longevity. When you do move, however, you’re likely to benefit more from staying within the sector and moving on up into more senior positions rather than hopping around from one similar job to another.

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