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Soft skills series: Passion


The Rugby World Cup has made for an unusually exciting September and October for sports fans across the country, who are soaking up the thrilling displays on offer. Aside from the commitment and pride with which the players are conducting themselves, the passion and patriotism fans have been displaying has been hugely impressive so far. 

Passion impresses people, and is a sure fire way for accounting and finance professionals to stand out to seniors and hiring managers alike. While it is true that people are more likely to achieve in pursuits they are passionate about, passion also provides key stakeholders with assurances that a candidate or employee is likely to carry out their work with enthusiasm, and shows they will be committed to maintaining high standards.

It is also important for professionals to demonstrate this passion. All the positivity in the world for work won’t convince seniors that an accountant is 100% committed if they can’t convey it, and it is therefore important that their behaviour reflects this. While crying and bellowing the national anthem before an audit may place you on the receiving end of some slightly strange looks, a friendly and enthusiastic demeanour will certainly go down well with colleagues and clients alike.

By being able to combine passion with top-notch technical abilities, accountants will be well placed for promotion – which is more than can be said for the England Rugby Team.

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