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Accounting on the edge: cool office spaces


The accountancy profession draws people in for many reasons, but hip office space generally isn’t one. That isn’t to say accountants’ offices are never amazing physical spaces (such as PwC’s award-winning South Bank location), but they are often less likely to include features that offices in the tech and creative sectors would.

Indeed, tech titans such as Google and Apple are renowned for how cool their offices are, and even smaller players in the sector are getting in on the act. Teeside-based eCommerce firm Visualsoft has recently moved to a new office featuring pool tables, a fridge full of beer, a living wall of moss and table football.

While a forward thinking office may not be as essential to attracting accounting talent as it is to attracting tech talent, accountancy firms could reap some major benefits from some minor tweaks. Research has shown employees are both more engaged and more motivated by spaces that are exciting, and firms willing to break with traditions in this respect could benefit from increased creativity (not that we’re advocating ‘creative accounting’ per se…).

Indeed, some accountancy firms are already beginning to embrace new office spaces, with PwC’s office in Philadelphia now featuring a sun-trap roof terrace and a games room with a Wii and pool table. Given the spectacular growth the tech sector has enjoyed over the past decade, it’s little surprise accounting HR departments are looking to it for cues.

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