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Fitbit to Dublin


Wearable tech giant Fitbit announced the launch of their new EMEA headquarters in Dublin at the end of August 2016 - yet another boost to Ireland’s reputation as a leading location for technology sector roles.

The US based company hopes to grow their operations to 100 staff by the end of 2017 and Chief Executive James Park said "We look forward to building a strong team here to complement our offices around the world".

Dublin has become a recognised strategic hub for tech excellence. It’s not just the tech giants like Google and Facebook that have chosen to make Dublin their home, there are some fantastic Irish start-ups like Foodcloud and Soundwave making a mark on the city.

The move is seen by leading Irish figures as a solid endorsement of Ireland’s credentials as a home for leading international organisations and for foreign investment. 

IDA Ireland, the semi-state owned body responsible for attracting investment into Ireland, would certainly agree. Martin Shanahan, CEO at IDA Ireland, stated that the move cemented “… Ireland’s reputation as a place for fast-growing tech companies to build and support their future international growth".

Mary Mitchell O'Connor, the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation described the move as "a further recognition of Ireland's appeal as an international hub for successful companies".

This confidence is reflected by both Marks Sattin and our clients.  In a recent breakfast round table hosted by Marks Sattin for senior finance leaders at The Shelbourne in Dublin, the overall feeling was of a confidence in the ability of Ireland to attract world leading organisations and with that the prospect of further exciting employment opportunities.


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