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Insights on Financial Recruitment and Jobs in Yorkshire 2017


The Yorkshire Market Insights Report covers the following areas. Click to view salaries:

Commerce & Industry

While other regional locations in the UK have felt the pinch after Brexit, the opposite is true for Yorkshire, with our office here producing a record performance last year. Dictated by market trends, the Yorkshire focus has been more on commercial exposure rather than public sector recruitment. Public sector recruitment was restricted by tightened budgets and head count freezes in light of the economic uncertainty surrounding the Brexit referendum.

Internal Audit

With pressures on internal budgets, businesses have found recruiting to be a prolonged process, sometimes taking months to source a candidate at the right level of experience that matches expectations and internal budgets.
Relocation of financial services functions to the North has provided pockets of recruitment driven by business demands and tight recruiting timescales which has continued to create exciting opportunities within the sector.

Professional Services

The professional services market in Yorkshire continued along the same vein as 2016. Good quality candidates were regularly able to secure interviews with numerous firms at all levels from Big 4 through to independent companies. Candidates need to be aware at the beginning of the process that they will more than likely face a counter offer from their current firm who will fight even harder to retain talent.

Executive & Interim

2016 was a very interesting year as the word ‘Brexit’ became a household name and Donald Trump became the Leader of the Free World. Whilst nobody anticipated either of those occurrences, the after effects were certainly felt, but only for a short period of time.Once the initial fear of change subsided, people went back to their daily lives and business as usual resumed.Although currency was hit in the aftermath of Brexit, confidence picked up again after the summer and this led to a surge in M&A activity, specifically from overseas investors & private equity houses. Experienced finance directors had confidence once again to move as wealth creation opportunities arose.

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