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Speed is of the essence when trying to secure the best talent

Time waits for no one in a candidate driven market, meaning decisive action is necessary if you don’t want to lose the top candidates for your vacant roles. Failure to attract top talent can lead to significant revenue and productivity losses as knock-on effects.

Gi Group UK, our parent company, have published a blog which focuses on the importance of speeding up the recruitment process in order to secure the most sought-after candidates in the today’s candidate driven market. 

Explaining the issues caused by lengthy and complex hiring processes, the article delves into the actions that need to be taken by businesses to maximise their chances, ensuring that candidates remain engaged and do not drop off in the middle of the recruitment process by accepting competitive offers.

Key elements include:
- How employment rates have led to a candidate driven market
- The importance of streamlining the recruitment process
- The overall effect of complex processes on candidate engagement and recruitment
- Expectations of candidates in the current market
- Six clear ways businesses can attract and maintain the best talent

To read more on this article, visit the Gi Group blog page here.
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