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The past few years have seen Yorkshire punch above its weight in terms of economic growth, with God’s Own County creating more jobs than the whole of France between 2010 and 2013.  Accountants have played a huge role in this success story, and Marks Sattin’s recent salary survey paints the picture of a vibrant and expanding regional finance sector. 

According to the report, just 27% of accountants feel less positive about the economic conditions facing their company than a year ago – illustrating that there is a genuine sense of optimism when it comes to Yorkshire’s future performance. 

Pay in the region is also strong. Managers typically command basic salaries between £42,000 and £55,000, which can comfortably rise into six figures for directors. 

Following a period of consolidation in which many employers streamlined their finance functions, recruitment is now firmly back on the agenda for the region’s private practices and commercial entities. ACAs and ACCAs are highly sought after, and first movers at senior associate, assistant manager and manager level are particularly in demand. Employers also remain very keen to hear from those with technical expertise in reporting, IRFS, and general business review. 

Job satisfaction is also high, with a further 79% identifying themselves as satisfied in their current role and 72% happy with their current remuneration – up from 68% a year ago. There is also a strong degree of attachment to the region among accountants, with 47% completely ruling out a relocation. Strong salaries, coupled with high levels of job satisfaction mean employers will have to work hard to move them away to a new home. 

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