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There has been significant change in the IT market over the past 12 months and it is continually evolving. The rise of GDPR, data protection, information security and data analytics demonstrate that companies, both large and small, are taking IT compliance seriously and are using IT as a measurable business enabler and not just a support function. The visible impact that cloud services software has had on headcount growth reflects how companies are taking full advantage of the myriad of choices they have to structure their IT functions.

IT infrastructure & Cloud Services

The last 12 months has seen significant growth in demand for cloud services skill sets. The IT infrastructure space continues to rapidly change as organisations are ever reliant on strong networks, systems and infrastructure to underpin their operations and are looking to off-premises cloud services that afford them the flexibility and agility a modern business needs. Subsequently we saw an increase of over 40% in the number of roles that required specific cloud based expertise.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The business intelligence and data analytics market has seen widespread growth throughout last year and remained stable so far this year with only a slight decline in activity at senior level. The uncertainty of Brexit played a part in the decline, as did the outsourcing of company teams and locations.

Project & Programme Management

Project and programme management requirements within the technology space have proven strong over the past 12 months. It is apparent that there has been an increasing need for professionals to drive and support data, applications and software transformations within businesses.


With Brexit posing a threat to job security, one thing is for sure: business analysts will be more important than ever. We are seeing companies merge and even divest in order to solidify their financial position for the uncertainty ahead. These processes will require business analysts in order to carry out large data migrations or system changes. Significant tax and regulatory changes this year have also heightened demand for business analysts to help organisations bring their processes in line with new regulations.

Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were the words on everyone’s lips approaching the May 25th deadline last year. In fact a survey released by the European Union stated the phrase ‘GDPR’ was searched on Google more times in May 2018 than ‘Beyoncé Knowles’! Due to this flurry of activity the market remained buoyant throughout last year, especially in the initial half, as SME businesses and large organisations were required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in order to oversee all data protection queries, get processes aligned to the act, and report any incidents or breaches to the Information Commissioners office (ICO).


The last 12 months saw consistency in terms of employment rates and sentiment in the market. Given the project based nature of architecture, the market continued to be led by contractors looking to gain further exposure in new environments with new challenges, and with relocation being an ever-present conversation. There has been a lack of movement of permanent senior level professionals, with only 20% of our head of architecture contacts saying they would feel confident to move roles within the six months. This trend is expected to continue due to the uncertainty of the current political climate.

Information Security & Cyber Security

Over the past year the information security and cyber security market has been developing and is now considered one of the most prominent areas within technology. There have been three key indicators that the market is developing.

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