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Temporary Finance Recruitment in Changing Times


With Theresa and Angela forging ahead, it is time for everyone else to follow suite. Companies throughout the Thames Valley are still trying to work out what the future holds, clearly understandable! Well month end reporting still needs to happen, half year end will be in full flow (for some) and customers will continue to buy services or products (hopefully). We have had a number of interesting calls over the past two/three weeks, ranging from “We’ll be fine, no panic here!” to “Can I send you my CV?”. The divide has been a true 48/52 reflection and certainly makes an interesting landscape for recruitment. 

We have seen a large surge in temporary recruitment. Over June and July, there has been a 45% increase in temporary finance roles, predominantly within the £250 - £400 per day range across large and small businesses. It is clear that businesses still need to recruit, however permanent headcount approval is proving more difficult due to the uncertain market and political landscape. Temps or interims are vital in challenging times, they are not candidates who "can’t find a permanent job", they are professionals who make a real impact on workload, which could in turn motivate people who are facing unmanageable deadlines. Whilst temps or interims appear costly, they really aren’t. You get someone who has been there and done it and should have references to prove it.

  • Need a new ERP implemented? – Done.
  • Need someone to produce Statutory Accountants? – Done.
  • Need someone to lead budgeting process? – Done.

With a temporary or interim finance professional - you chose the skill set you need, you determine the length of assignment and you provide a suitable rate out of a budget.  

STILL not convinced? Well there is another untapped market, a market which contains a number of superb candidates who are looking for part time/reduced hours due to family commitments or more work/life balance. We posted an advert recently for a part-time finance manager role with a great brand and were inundated with calls from those looking to find work which could enrich them personally and professionally. Many companies could benefit from the experiences these candidates have, without having to break the bank. In most cases 2/3 days is the norm, however we’ve seen clients flex this depending on the candidate’s situation or circumstance. Part-time roles don’t have to be permanent, they can be 3, 6 or 12 months etc, allowing flexibility for everyone.  

Some come on, let’s get on with it!  


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