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Francesca's internship with the marketing team at Marks Sattin recruitment


Why did you choose to do an internship with the marketing team at Marks Sattin London?

I have always had an interest in marketing and always picked any marketing modules for my optionals at university as I found it so dynamic and interesting, especially because, for such a creative discipline it is backed by a strong science. However, upon my departure from university last month I was still undecided what route in business to take as I didn’t know how different marketing was on a practical level compared to a theoretical one. Therefore, when the opportunity to undertake this internship came up, I was so thrilled to gain some hands-on and relevant experience, and the chance to see if marketing was for me!

What have been your key learnings from your two week internship with Marks Sattin?

In just two weeks I feel like I’ve learnt so much! I’ve not only gained real life experience and knowledge in things that I couldn’t have by just staying in lectures, but I feel that it has served as a launching pad for my future career. I have been able to make connections, start to build a network and improve my CV. I have also been exposed to many marketing tools that I have never heard of or used before such as Hootsuite (an app used to manage and schedule social media accounts) and Dotmailer (an email marketing application), and was able to fine-tune my copywriting skills whilst carrying out my competitor review and analysis. However, the thing I most enjoyed doing and learning about was branding and design, and was very happy when I got the chance to do some branded collateral for internal use!

What about your experience surprised you most?

Apart from how welcoming and inclusive everyone at the office was, it would be the amount and variety of work that the marketing team do. In my short time, I saw them working on so many different projects from branding microsite adverts, to brainstorming the Marks Sattin 30th anniversary campaign, to fantasy football and ACA campaigns, to organising events for our charity partner and redesigning welcome packs for our HR team. This is all alongside the everyday tasks of managing budgets and running the social committee; definitely making me pleased to be part of such an energetic team!

Do you still want to be a marketer after your internship?

Although a two week internship isn’t very long it has given me a feel for what a career in marketing can involve, and it has given me renewed confirmation in my desire to be a marketer. I particularly like that a career in marketing is full of variety, the chance for new experiences, ever-changing relationships and challenges in working across several different mediums, programs and markets. 

Random fact

I’m half Italian and half Barbadian, and spent my first 14 years living in Barbados. 

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