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Sub Malik spills on his exciting career journey with us so far


When did you join Marks Sattin and how has your journey been so far?
When I finished university in 2014, I decided to do a bit of travelling, and after returning home pretty broke, needing to pay my way for law school the following year, I Googled ‘jobs to make money fast’ (very basic). Soon after that I joined Marks Sattin. When I started I was pleasantly surprised; the team was great, training was even better and I eventually started feeling the success in my role. The commission helped too!
I had many goals in mind coming out of uni such as:

• Gaining independence - moving out of home

• Travelling around London (something I neglected growing up in South London)

• Travelling the world

• Buying my own house in London
I have reached all the above goals since starting my career in recruitment. In the last four and a half years I've seen huge growth in my work and personal life. I have moved up from being a consultant to a manager with five people in my team, and I’ve got a number of new goals to achieve!
What’s the most challenging aspect of your market?
I focus on temp and interim qualified contractors in the commerce and industry market. In this sector you need to be quick, on the ball and know what's going on at any given time. It's a highly competitive market where you need to know your clients needs and meet them immediately, this means you can’t afford to not know your candidates. Whilst it's a challenge to get to know each individual’s personal goals and preferences, it just means you get to spend more time away from the desk to network!
Do Marks Sattin invest in your training and development?
Most definitely. When I started recruitment it took me about 20 minutes to pick up the phone - I had no idea how to speak finance, how to structure a call, a meeting, or even open a conversation around someone’s career! Glad to say my personal development skills continue to develop to this day with guidance from senior managers, directors and external training.
Random fact about you? 
I was in the film Love Actually.

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