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Making the transfer: moving into finance


At Marks Sattin we are privy to how appealing the world of accountancy and finance is to employees in other professions, who see the industry as offering excellent remuneration, stability and interesting work. Indeed, there is little shortage of individuals leaving a variety of backgrounds behind to enter it, with Guns N Roses musician Duff McKagan famously swapping the bass guitar for the balance sheet.

Moving from the forces to finance is a particularly well-trodden path too, and Deloitte and PWC actively seek out ex-service personnel who want to utilise their motivation, ambition and leadership skills in the industry.

However, it is not just the military world that can provide the accounting profession with sought after skills and a fresh perspective. The nature of accounting and financial practice often means applying specialist knowledge to a specific industry, and a would-be accountant from a life sciences background could bring invaluable insight to an organisation that provides auditing services to large pharmaceutical companies. Soft skills are also increasingly desirable to employers in the industry, and those from a sales or client-focused background will certainly interest hiring managers.

Accountancy can also provide a strong foundation when looking for a role in the upper echelons of an organisation. There are few other career paths that can develop the overall appreciation of commerce and finance that the C-suite requires, and the range of roles we can offer stretch far beyond working in practice. 

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