About us


For over 30 years, we’ve been working to ensure that healthcare professionals across the NHS have all the information they need by providing them with instant access to electronic patient records. Beginning with a passion for integrated patient care.

One idea shared by two clinicians from Yorkshire in the 1980s kick-started the creation of Egton Medical Information Systems.

The idea: that technology can be used to give clinicians access to complete and shared medical records, no matter where patients present for care.What followed was the development of our first clinical IT system and an ever-growing passion for making information instantly available at the point of care. Fast forward to today and although over 30 years of experience have expanded our scope – and while our name has evolved into the catchier EMIS Health – our motivations are much the same.

The business develops the best possible technology so that healthcare professionals can do their jobs effectively – and can ultimately improve patient health.These aims have played a big part in why we’ve grown so much. They’ve driven us to develop dozens of clinical IT solutions, acquire multiple organisations – including Rx Systems, Ascribe, Indigo 4 and Dovetail Lab – that bolster what we do, and hire thousands of driven individuals who ensure we continue to evolve.Today, our technology is used by over 10,000 different organisations. In fact, our technology is the number one choice in primary care and community pharmacies, and is the number two choice in hospices, specialist services, and secondary and community care.

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